Bringing Premium Fashion To The Wholesale World.

In 2019, Bhishma Apparels was founded to make the process of getting a quality Plain T-shirts in India easily!


White Label

It’s your brand, and only yours. You can order for T-Shirts without any brand label or with your own brand labels.


with thousands of garments always in stock we can fulfill any order immediately.

Consistent quality

We understand the importance of having garments that are consistent sizes, consistent quality and consistent fits too. Looking for consistently great results? Choose us!

On time delivery

On time deliveries in any part of India or world. We also do not take orders when we are loaded, its better to say No instead of delivering failures

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Bulk Plain Premium T-shirts

If you need blank tee shirt production runs or customized manufacturing for your clothing line, brand, retail store or for resale with your company’s finishing, then Bhishma Apparels has the garments that you need in a wide range of sizes and styles.

We sell stock inventory tees in a wide variety of sizing and cuts for adults, teens, youths, and even toddlers.

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Contact Us

For Blank Tee Shirt Purchases for Re-Labeling or Re-branding—Contact